Maryport Matters & Making Maryport Smile

19 Sep 2016

Client: Maryport Health Assets Group and Ewanrigg Local Trust, West Cumbria

Project: 'Maryport Matters' Magazine

Brief: To devise a practical and deliverable model for a community magazine.

Description: The project involved the development, management and production of a communtiy magazine for Maryport and the surrounding villages.

With a focus on well-being, the magazine:

  • promotes activities happening in the local area
  • informs residents what is available to them
  • celebrates the achievements of people living and working in the area
  • provides a platform where people can share, connect and create
  • showcases West Cumbria in a positive light

The project included:

  • research and creation of an effective and sustainable model (including advertising model, sponsorship packages and recommendations for distribution)
  • stakeholder liaison
  • compilation, editing and creation of content
  • working closely with DSG Design on layout and design
  • proofing
  • identifying advertising leads and commercial opportunities

'Maryport Matters' (originally a working title of ‘Your Maryport’) is an A4 sized, 16 page, full colour, quarterly magazine with space for low cost advertising opportunities and editorial. The first edition, published in September 2016, had a run of 7,000 copies and was delivered door-to-door in Maryport, Dearham, Flimby, Crosby, Crosscanoby and Broughton Moor. Readers were given the opportunity to name the magazine in the first edition. Subsequent quarterly editions have been published and the project is ongoing. The magazine has expanded to 20 pages and now has a print run of 8,000. Special themed editions have been commissioned including a YOUTH TAKEOVER edition compiled from young people's contributions and celebrating young talent in the town and surrounding villages.

For more information on the magazine please contact me on [email protected] or click here 

The 'Maryport Matters' Magazine is part of the Making Maryport Smile Campaign.

In order to fulfil the project brief I partnered with Cumbrian-based design company DSG Design.


Client: Maryport Health Assets Group and Ewanrigg Local Trust, West Cumbria

Project: Making Maryport Smile Campaign

Brief: To devise an attractive town-wide campaign which will promote well-being, increase communication and encourage participation.

Description: Commissioned by Maryport Health Assets Group and Ewanrigg Local Trust I was asked to create and deliver a town-wide social campaign that would promote and celebrate activities and achievements within the community under one positive banner. With a focus on health and wellbeing the campaign aims to increase engagement with a fun and active approach. Founding partners include the NHS, the local health centre, health visitors, local schools, housing groups, social workers, Cumbria County Council, children’s services providers such as Barnardo’s and many more.

I teamed up with DSG Design to devise and design an accessible, appealing campaign concept and associated visuals. We developed and created a portfolio of artwork, brand guidelines, a marketing toolkit and a practical operational model including administration and communications. The campaign was due to be launched in Autumn 2016 but has been delayed because of NHS plans to close beds at the local hospital. The campaign will be reintroduced as plans and priorities become clearer. 

Client Testimonial:

"Both projects had complex briefs and multiple stakeholders. Rachel met both briefs with vision, creativity, empathy, meticulous attention to detail and fantastic business & planning skills. Her style of being absolutely professional whilst also being funny, kind, down to earth and approachable, was just what we needed to deliver this magazine. I don’t know anyone else with the skill set and experience who could have delivered this project for us and delivered it to such a high quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Rachel again, or recommend her to others."

~ Kate Whitmarsh, Devlopment Worker at Ewanrigg Local Trust, Maryport, Cumbria