Changing your perspective

24 May 2016

by Rachel Suddart

Last week I went out to the car and during the night, a feathery friend had made a rather large deposit over my shiny, red car. I don’t quite know how it managed it but there was not a side or roof left untouched by its aerial unloading (clearly, a very talented bird). Not a natural morning person at the best of times (there, I’ve admitted it) in true homage to Queen Vicky, I was not amused. But when my 6 year old saw the car / my face she said, “Oh mummy. Don’t be cross. It’s a good thing. Out of all the cars in the world, it chose to poo on yours. Don’t you see? It means you’re special.” 
From zero to hero in 6 short sentences. I’m liking her style.
So next time someone’s cr*pped all over your blinding idea or criticised a beloved project, don’t get mad. And certainly don’t let it get you down. Shift your focus, look at it from a different angle and you might be surprised at what you see.
I saw more work. She saw a celebration.
Sometimes, a simple change in perspective is all you need.