Want to know more about what I do? Please find a list of core services below.



Practical, accurate and engaging content is at the heart at everything I do. I will help you identify key messages and shape them into whatever format you need in order to reach your audience. Whether it is a staff newsletter, press release, excerpt for a funding report, case study, article, script or simply a strapline, I’ll make sure it ‘does what it says on the tin’ and gets your point across. My copywriting is tailored to its audience and will reflect the voice and tone of your brand / organisation or project. Whether it is short snappy text for a poster or the weighty tome of a staff handbook, your finished product will scream with professionalism and be polished within an inch of its life.

Ask me about brochures, press releases, flyers, speeches, articles, newsletters, features, competitions, straplines, websites, blogs, direct mailers, programmes, brochures, handbooks, manuals, reviews and more!

Content creation

I can help you create targeted content for websites, mailers, promotional print products and social media channels, providing snappy copy, branding advice, suggested imagery and layouts - and more. I’ll work with you to ensure that the content meets a specific brief, includes necessary signposting and supports your overall marketing strategies and plans.

Award Entries

I have a proven track record of writing award winning entries and applications, with many of my clients winning local, regional, national and international awards. I can work with you to identify the most relevant awards for you to enter, advise on best categories and help you to submit engaging entries that maximise your chances of securing coveted titles or trophies.

Strategy and Planning

With the right planning you can get the most out of your marketing resources and target your activity to get the best return on investment. I can help you devise clear strategies, effective marketing and communication plans and provide practical advice, tailored to your individual needs and in-house resources. Plans cover a wide range of activities and platforms including PR, social media, events, direct marketing, digital engagement and more. We will cover internal and external communications as required. I can help you identify opportunities and get the best out of every event, headline or social media spotlight.

Campaign Delivery

Hire me as an extra member of your team! Need some additional resource within your organisation to support a project or area of development? Make use of my marketing and communications skills to deliver specific parts of your campaign. With a proven track record in copywriting, PR, events, print production, proofing and creating engaging content for all media channels, including social, I can help deliver your activity on time and on budget.

Training and Mentoring / Advice and Support

Many businesses and organisations don’t have marketing departments or specialists within their staffing structure – but there are often staff who undertake the marketing as part of their day to day role. I can work alongside these members of staff on a short, medium or long term basis to help develop their marketing and communication skills, share tips and practical advice on how to integrate simple marketing and communication processes and procedures into their working day and identify potential training needs.

Project Management

If you have an idea for a project that sits within your business or organisation and need someone to develop or manage the scheme, let’s talk. Practical and organised, with a focus on marketing & communications, I will ensure that your project meets all your aims and objectives and is delivered on time and to budget. I am particularly interested in community engagement, audience development and working with marginalised or under-represented groups, making sure that individuals are connected to all opportunities available to them, reducing life inequalities and improving health and wellbeing.

Added Extras

As one of my clients you’ll have access to my ‘little black book’ of contacts. I can use my networks to share your news if it is relevant to them and I think they’ll be interested. I often ‘know someone who knows someone’ (in a strictly above board way!) and I’m always happy to make introductions or help facilitate collaborations and new partnerships.

I’ll be your critical friend. Many of my clients find that I can offer a more objective opinion and help them work through challenges within the business that may not at first appear to be in the marketing & comms arena. Having an impartial sounding board can be a much needed step in the resolution process.

One of the things that I’m most proud of is my client retention rate and the longevity of my relationships. The majority of my clients have offered me repeat business which means that I can really get to know the business or project and understand the challenges on a deeper level. It enables me to help them adapt to an ever changing landscape and although I work on a consultancy basis, I become almost like an extra member of the team.

I work flexibly according to the needs of the business so am always on the other end of a phone (within reason!) If I’m going to be unavailable, I’ll let you know in advance so that you’re not left unsupported.

Call me to discuss your requirements on 07715 487 774