The Centre West Cumbria Ltd

08 Nov 2023

Client: The Centre West Cumbria Limited

Project: Supporting the community centre to transition from being run by voluntary group ENTRA (in partnership with Ewanrigg Local Trust) into a standalone charitable organisation, The Centre West Cumbria Ltd.

Brief: To provide PR & comms support for the transition of assets from The Ewanrigg Local Trust / ENTRA to The Centre West Cumbria Limited and assisting with subsequent launch. To provide research and business development support to create a financially viable and sustainable operational model.

Description: After a £1million Big Local funded 10-year project, the Ewanrigg Local Trust needed to spend out their money and create ‘a lasting legacy’ for the local community. After a period of consultation with Trust partnership members and residents it was decided that the centre would move to a new model operating as its own charitable trust, amalgamating the skills and experience from ENTRA and Ewanrigg Local Trust to form The Centre West Cumbria Ltd. I have supported the team with comms advice and practical delivery throughout the process, working with external designers and developers to create a fresh new brand, a functional website and various comms channels to convey key messages to stakeholders. Alongside the comms work I have also been contracted to provide business development support to help create a financially viable and sustainable operational model.

Support provided: Creation of a fresh new brand with rollout across digital, print and ‘in person’ channels including a website, creation and management of social media channels, external and internal signage & banners, digital and print products; internal and external comms plans and practical delivery; input into creation of charity values and behavioural policies; research into new fundraising methods; stakeholder engagement and management; PR support and development of communication policies for the new charity.

Testimonial from Client: "I can’t recommend Rachel and her work enough. To describe Rachel as a marketing and comms expert seems somehow reductive. She has a great understanding of business, society and most importantly people. If you're lloking for someone who understands how communication achieves business goals, and unites us for the greater good, then Rachel is definitley the person you need. Efficient, reliable, astute, empathetic and driven - she raises our ‘organisational bar’, helping us to overachieve and sustain the benefits, by using the right process at the right time in the right way. We have been working with Rachel for over a decade. She brings an expertise that we don’t have in our team and have not found elsewhere."